Sex in Colorado Springs

At some point, someone’s probably called me a down-to-earth lady, but I can’t remember when or who. I’m not above materialism – a fleur of england lingerie set, Celine handbag, or rare experimental fragrance are all known ways to make me smile. Consider it inspiration for my daily gratitude practice. I like to experience every moment as fully as I can, so you won’t likely see me touch anything harder than cappuccino or champagne. I know we just met, but I already suspect I’ll find our time together an indulgence itself.

A few years ago, I talked my way into a professional degree program, so I spend a lot of my time getting that squared away. The rest of the time, you’ll find me teaching myself to pole dance, journaling, or making up songs about my cat. Look no further, I am your best companion in Colorado Springs.

Are you in the mood for a passionate connection? Non rushed, with naturally flowing chemistry? A multi-faceted, confident, & engaging 23 year old Companion who encourages unreserved self expression. My adaptive personality makes me the perfect confidant for not only personal settings, but professional as well. I take pride in my polished appearance & graceful demeanor as well the enticing way I conduct myself